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OCT i 5 2007 


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From the Department Head 

SEP 1 1986 3^ 

August, 1986, NO. 3, 1985-1986 Series 


With this issue of the Newsletter, 
we are including a copy of the new 
AGRINEER. Ve hope you will enjoy 
reading about the many student 
activities that occurred during the 
1985-1986 school year. In particular we 
invite you to review the business 
locations of our graduates listed in the 
back of the AGRINEER and to let us know 
of any additions or changes that should 
be made. 

The spring semester brought many 
rewards and recognitions to the 
Department. Both student clubs won top 
awards at the Summer Meeting of ASAE in 
San Luis Obispo, California. We are 
proud of our clubs and their advisers 
for these accomplishments. 

Faculty recruiting continued with 
three new Assistant Professors hired to 
begin the fall semester. Ve are pleased 
to finally have all staff positions 
filled as we begin the new year. 

Enrollment continues to be steady 
at the undergraduate level and has 
increased at the graduate student level 

Agr. Mech students in California (I to r): Mike Miller, 
Rich Gould (with member mile award), Kevin Nieman (with 
FIEI award,) and Shawn Colgan. 

for the fall term. The Department has 
continued to be strong and well- 
supported by campus administration. The 
second year of the IBM EXCEL project 
funding has greatly strengthened the 
computing resources for undergraduate 
use. The addition of staff computers 
has given virtually every staff member 
the opportunity and the access to 
personal and technical computing. 

The Department has a new Ford 4810 
Tractor that burns pure ethanol made 
from corn that will be tested on one of 
the research farms during the coming 
year and a John Deere 755 mowing tractor 
donated by the John Deere Horicon Works 
for the Agricultural Engineer Research 

This fall a new course will be 
offered for freshmen in Agricultural 
Engineering: AgE 199 Introduction to 
Agricultural Engineering. The course 
will replace Ag 100 and be taught by the 
Department Head. 

Looking forward to another 
interesting and event-packed year ahead. 

Agrr. Engr. students in California (I to r): Lori Rursch, Bill 
Brown, Chris Dineen (with member mile award), John Barthel 
(with FIEI award), Jennifer Kmetz, Roger Rohlfing, Ed Zwilling 
and Karl Snyder, Grad Assistant. 

Students Win at ASAE Meeting 

Agr Eng Spring Banquet 

Both student clubs won awards at 
the ASAE Annual Meeting at San Luis 
Obispo, CA. The Illini Agricultural 
Mechanization Club took top honors in 
the annual Farm and Industrial Equipment 
(FIEI) Trophies Competition for 
University Agricultural Mechanization 
clubs. The Illinois Student Branch took 
first -runner up honors in the FIEI 
competition for branches numbering 35 or 
more members. 

Each of our Illinois student clubs 
received the Member Mile Award for 
students traveling the greatest 
distance. There were 7 student branch 
members and 4 agr mech members attending 
the meetings. In all, the two clubs came 
home with a total of 4 awards. Both 
clubs had a member elected to a national 
office, namely: 

John Barthel — National Secretary of 
ASAE Student Branches 

Kevin Niemann — 1st Vice President 
of Ag Mech Clubs 

AG Mech Club Awards 

The Illini Agricultural 
Mechanization Club held their Awards 
Banquet in April. Larry Uerries, 
Director of the Illinois Department of 
Agricultural from Springfield was the 
featured speaker. A major feature of the 
evening was the awarding of over $1,000 
worth of prizes to the winners of the 
1986 Skills Contest. There were 5 places 
in each of the five divisions of Power 
and Machinery, Soil and Water, 
Structures and Environment, Electric 
Power and Processing and Shop and 5 
awards in the Overall division. Steve 
Bush was awarded a $100 savings bond 
furnished by John Deere as the overall 
winner . 

Greg Steidinger of Forest, IL 
received $300 for the Outstanding 
Agricultural Mechanization Student Award 
which is presented to an Agr Mech 
student who has maintained high 
scholarship and has been active in the 
Ag Mech Club. 

Kevin Niemann of Litchfield, IL was 
presented $250 for being chosen for the 
Batemann Congeniality Award. He was 
selected by his peers as one with the 
ability to "get along with people." 

The Agricultural Engineering 
Student Branch had a very successful 
spring banquet at the Illini Union in 
late April. After the presentation of 
many awards the students put on a skit 
to welcome our newest staff members, 
Drs. Coddington, Pershing, and 
Christ ianson. A summary of the many 
awards presented are listed below: 

1. J. A. Weber Memorial Award ($300) 

David R. Griffith, New Douglas 

2. Bateman Congeniality Award ($250) 

Lori J. Rursch, Taylor Ridge 

3. Ralph Hay Working Scholarship ($300) 

David L. Howland, Kampsville 

4. Frank Bauling Memorial Scholarship 


John C. Barthel, Ridott 

5. E. W. Lehmann Awards ($300) 

David R. Griffith, New Douglas 
Marcia A. McCutchan, Aledo 
John C. Endsley, Mount Erie 
Karl B. Vandermyde, Morrison 

6. Jonathan Pierce Memorial Aware ($400) 

J. Willian Brown, Winchester 

7. Consolidation Coal Co. Award ($500) 

Don M. Nixon, Clinton 

8. John Deere Foundation Scholarship 


Thomas J. Crowell, Peoria 

9. ASAE Student Honor Awards (key) 

John C. Endsley, Mount Erie 
Jon Stolz, Gibson City 

Larry Worries (left), Director of Illinois Department of Agri- 
culture and nephew, Dan Worries, Illini Mech Club member. 

Carroll Goering (seated) and Dr. Pershing with new 
ethanol-powered tractor. 

Ethanol-Powered Tractor 

The Department received a sizeable 
discount on the purchase of a Ford, 
model 4810, ethanol-powered tractor in 
June, 1986. The tractor was one of 9 
such tractors produced by Ford for use 
in the United States. The Illinois 
Highway Department purchased the other 8 
tractors for use in mowing roadsides. 

The 4810 tractor is a derivative of 
Ford's 4610 diesel tractor; only the 
engine has been modified. New pistons 
were installed to reduce the compression 
ratio from 16:1 down to 12:1. The 
injection system was removed and 
replaced with a carburetor and a spark- 
ignition system. Also, a small gasoline 
tank was added so that gasoline could be 
sprayed into the intake air for 
wintertime starting. Ford advises that 
the tractor pto power was increased from 
38.8 kW to 40.3 kW by converting to 
ethanol power. 

So far, the tractor has been in 
heavy demand for use in various exhibits 
and demonstrations; for example, it will 
be included in the University's exhibit 
at the Illinois State Fair. Later, it 
will be used in cooperation with the 
Agronomy Department at the Orr farm. 
Dr. Carroll Goering has written a 
proposal which, if funded, will support 
departmental research on the tractor. 
The intent is to instrument the tractor 
and a comparable diesel tractor so that 
performance data can be collected while 
the tractors are doing normal farm work. 
We hope to learn if the ethanol-powered 
tractor has advantages which could help 
offset the present higher cost of 

ethanol fuel. Currently, ethanol fuel 
costs about $1.40 per gallon while 
petroleum fuels cost less than 90 cents 
per gallon. We also want to observe 
whether any operational difficulties are 
experienced, for example, with winter 
time starting. 

Teaching Excellence Awards 

The Department established the 
Teaching Excellence Award to recognize 
excellence in teaching by faculty 
members and to select departmental 
candidates for the campus-wide Award for 
Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching. 
Awards including an engraved plaque were 
presented at the Agricultural 
Engineering Awards Banquet to Rant 
Mitchell for the faculty teaching award 
and to Karl Snyder for the graduate 
assistant teaching award. 

Rent is Head of the Soil and Water 
Division and does teaching and research 
in that area. He is a graduate of Iowa 
St. Univ. and has his Ph D from the 
Univ. of Illinois. He was instrumental 
in developing the proposal that helped 
the Department win one of the IBM/EXCEL 
grants for c o mp u t e r - a s s i s t e d 
instructional programs. Karl is a 
graduate of Pennsylvania St. Univ. and 
is working on his Ph D in the Power and 
Machinery area. 

The Department has been well 
recognized by receiving teaching awards 
this year. It was reported in the last 
newsletter that Carroll Goering received 
the 1986 Everitt Award for outstanding 
under-graduate teaching in the College 
of Engineering. Rent Mitchell was also 
the recipient of the 1986 Alpha Zeta 
Outstanding Teaching Award in the 
College of Agricultural. 

Teaching Excellence Awards (I. to r.): Karl Snyder, Grad Asst.; 
Dr. Pershing, Bept. Head; Kent Mitchell, Faculty. 

New Staff Members Join Department Staff News 

For the first time in several 
years, the Department will have all of 
its academic staff positions filled when 
three new staff members join us for the 
Fall Semester. John Reid joins the 
Power and Machinery staff as an 
Assistant Professor in the area of 
Biosensing and Robotics. He received his 
B.S. and M.S. from V P I at Blacksburg 
and has just finished his Ph D at Tex 
A & M. 

Gary Riskowski comes to the 
Structures and Environment group as an 
Assistant Professor in teaching and 
research in structural design and 
materials. Gary has been on the staff of 
Midwest Plan Service for the past 6 
years while working on his Ph D at Iowa 
State Univ. He has his B.S. and his M.S. 
from Nebraska and has worked for both 
Lesters and Wick Buildings. 

J. Bruce Litchfield comes as an 
Assistant Professor and will be the 
first staff member in our new area of 
food engineering. He has a B.S. in 
Mechanical Engineering from the Univ. of 
Illinois. He has an M.S. in Food 
Engineering from Purdue University and 
is just finishing a Ph D from Purdue 
Univ. in Food Engineering. He also has 3 
years experience in the Food Engineering 
area working for General Foods Corp. 

Staff Leaving Department 

Ten-Hong Chen, Visiting Assistant 
Professor, left in mid-July to join the 
staff at Florida Stat Univ. at 
Gainesville as a Postdoctoral Fellow. 

Young Jo Hen completed his Ph D in 
the Spray Application area working with 
Loren Bode and has joined the staff at 
Clemson Univ. He will be joined by his 
wife In— Tee who has also finished her Ph 
D in Food Science. 

Curt Heller will be completing his 
Ph D in Food Engineering later this fall 
and will also Join the staff at Clemson 
in the area of Food Engineering. 

Randy Hartwig, lab assistant for 
Don Day, left in mid July to begin work 
on an M.S. in Agricultural Engineering 
at Iowa State Univ. in the area of grain 
qual i ty . 

Lee Christianson attended the 
ASHRAE Indoor Air Quality Seminar in 
Atalanta in April. 

Nelson Buck attended the USDA 
Beltsville Symposium on Agricultural 
Research in early May. 

Don Jedele and Lee Christianson 
represented the University of Illinois 
at the Midwest Plan Service Annual 
Meeting at Ames, Iowa in May. 

Demetres Briassoulis presented a 
paper entitled "Design Considerations 
For Empty Steel Silos Under Wind 
Loading" at the Powder & Bulk Solids 
Conf erence/Exibition at the O'Hare 
Exposition Center in May. 

Clint Armstrong, graduate 
assistant, spent the month of May in 
Mauritania (Africa) on assignment with 
the U.S. Peace Corps as team leader for 
program development and training of 
volunteers in irrigation technology. 
During his return trip he visited the 
Danish Hydraulic Institute and NIAE in 
Silsoe, England, consulting on soil 
erosion modeling. 

Bob Aherin traveled to Orlando, 
Flordia, in early June to participate in 
the Summer Meeting of the National 
Institute for Farm Safety as a member of 
the Board of Directors. 

Carroll Drabloe attended a Water 
Table Management Seminar in Raleigh, 
North Carolina, in early June. 

Lee Christianson was in Portland, 
Oregon, in late June to serve on the 
ASHRAE Standards Committee on Fan 
Testing and Rating. 

Marvin Peuleen attended a meeting 
of the North American Export Grain 
Assoc, on U.S. Grain Grades and 
Standards in New Orleans in late May. 

Hike Gingerich end Steve Hbuvi have 
joined the staff as new graduate 
students. Mike received a B.S. in 
General Engineering at the Univ. of 
Illinois in 1985 and Steve is a native 
of Kenya and has Just finished a B.S. at 
the Univ. of Nebraska. 

Roecoe Perching end Gene Shove were 
elected a Fellow of the American Society 
of Agricultural Engineers at the Summer 
ASAE meeting. Only 2% of the ASAE 
membership become Fellows. 

Roscoe Pershing was awarded the 
Honorary State Farmer Degree at the 
Illinois State FFA Convention held on 
Campus in June. 

Errol and Erica Rodda visited the U 
of I after one year as Head of Party for 
the Tipan project in Pakistan. 

Bob Aherin traveled to Columbia, 
Missouri, in mid July to participate in 
a USDA Coop Extension Service Grain 
Safety Task Force meeting. 

Loren Bode has been appointed 
Associate Head of the Department of 
Agricultural Engineering and will assist 
Dr. Pershing and represent him in his 

Frank Andrew, Professor Emeritus, 
underwent a hip replacement in mid May. 
His progress has been good and he now 
visits the Department without his cane. 

1986 Graduates 

Seventeen Agricultural Engineering 
students received a B.S degree at the 
end of the 1986 Spring Semester. Listed 
below are the students and where they 

John Endeley — Grad School, Univ. of 111. 
Alan Fairgrieves — Cummins Engine, 

Columbus, IN 
Craig Fink — not known 
Dave Griffith— Grad School, U. of 111. 
Neil Keleher — R & R Donnelly Co., — 
Jennifer Kmetz — SCS, USDA, Carbondale, 

Martin Lehman — Grad School, U. of 111. 
Joe Lehman — Dow Chemical Co., Midland, 

Mike Lee — Chrysler Corp., Detroit, MI 
Marcia McCutchan — Grad School, V.P.I. , 

Blaksburg, VA 
Don Nixon — Dennis Roby and Assoc. Inc., 

Decatur, IL 
Jerry Robinson — Patrick Engineering, 

Glen Ellen, IL 
Jon Stolz — Indiana Dept. of Natural 

Resources, Indiaiapolis, IN 
Karl Vandermyde — Caterpillar Co., 

Peoria, IL 
Robert Weber — not known 
Roland Weber — Law School, Northern 111. 

Univ., Dekalb, IL 
Ed Zwilling— Grad School, Univ. of 111. 

ASAE Annual Meeting 

Eighteen staff and 11 students 
traveled to California State Polytechnic 
Univ. and San Luis Obispo to attend the 
ASAE Annual Meeting in late June. Paper 
were presented by: 

C. L. Armstrong, J. K. Mitchell, 
"Transformation of rainfall by 
plant canopy." 

R. C. Coddington, "Interactive 
graphics — a key to today's 

design department." 

B. Engle and W. D. Lembke, 
"Irrigation crop coefficients for 

Illinois corn." 
R. F. Espenschied, "Using computer 

graphics in Agr Mech and Agr Engr 

M. C. Hirschi and B. J. Barfield, 

"KYERMO- a physically-based 

research erosion model." 
G. F. Mclsaac, J. K. Mitchell, J. 

C. Siemens, and J. W. Hummel, "The 
effect of cultivation on runoff, 
soil loss, and corn and soybean 

G. F. Mclsaac, J. K. Mitchell, and 
M. C. Hirschi, "Slope gradient 

effects on soil loss from 

disturbed lands." 
M. R. Paulsen, L. D. Hill, and G. C. 
Shove, "Temperature of corn during 

ocean vessel transport." 
J. F. Reid (new staff member), 

"Segmentation of row crop images 

for determination of guidance 

G. C. Shove and D. W. Morrison, 

"Microprocessor controlled low 

temperature grain drying." 

Educational Aide Blue Ribbon Awards were 
received by: 

Bob Aherin (2 ribbons) for Slides 

and Film Strips 
Young Jo Han for Computer Programs 
Don Jedele (2 ribbons) for 

Circulares and Bulletins 
Art Muehling for Extension Methods 
Steve Pearson and Loren Bode (3 

ribbons) for Manuals 

Alumni News 

George V. A. Hahoney (B.S. '49) 
reports that he has retired as of May 
31, 1986, from the Agricultural 
Engineering Department at Oklahoma State 
Univ. at Stillwater. George joined the 
faculty at Stillwater in September, 
1949, just after graduating from the 
Univ. of Illinois. George has two 
children, Kevin, a captain in the Air 
Force at Tinker AFB, Oklahoma, and 
Siobhan.who is employed as a supervisor 
in a nursing home in Oklahoma City. 

Dean F. Hopkins (Alumni, Ph.D, '53) 
has been with McDonnell-Douglas in the 
Los Angles area for 25 years. He is 
presently Manager of. the Controls Group 
working on a land - based, non-nuclear 
defensive interceptor for the Army. In 
January, they received a 5-year, one- 
third billion dollar project to design 
and test this 3-stage missile which is 
part of the Star Wars program. Dean has 
6 engineers in his group but says there 
are 90 engineers working on the entire 
project. He says the project proposal 
involved 53 volumes of about 300 
pagesper volume. He says his strong 
point is writing proposals. 

Dean and Bernice live in Costa 
Mesa. Bernice is busy continuing to 
work as a color consultant and is on the 
staff of the Orange Community College in 
charge of their annual fabric fair. 
Lilian, 30, has an M.S. in Geography 
from UCLA and works for the Army Core of 
Engineers. She has started training to 
become a Court Reporter. Donna, 24, 
works for an escroe service where she is 
manager of the foreclosures division and 
is being married in August. Steve, 14, 
will be a freshman in high school. 

Dave Ralaton (B.S. '52) reported at 
the ASAE meeting that he now is National 
Design Engineer, SCS, USDA, in 
Washington D.C. Dave says that he works 
on a variety of projects. Last Fall he 
spent some time in Germany on a project. 
Dave and his wife Margaret have 4 
chi ldren . 

Joe V. Haai (B.S. '53) has been 
named associate chief of the U.S. 
Department of Agriculture's Soil 
Conservation Service with appointment 
effective June 8, 1986. In this 
position, he is second-in-command to SCS 
Chief Wilson Scaling. 

Irvin A. Eickaeyer (B.S. '57) has 
left Case International and is now 
Project Engineer for A R Corporation 
at Bryan, Ohio. 

George R. Jedlicka (B.S. '57) has 
his own company in Cape Girardeau, 
Missouri, designing steel silos, mostly 
for industrial use. He also spends 
considerable time managing projects for 
Proctor and Gamble which have a local 
plant. He was accompanied to the Summer 
ASAE meeting by his wife Aline and his 
daughter Julie. 

Wayne Gruben ('57) retired on May 
13, 1986, from the John Deere Dubuque 
Works, Dubuque, Iowa after 29 years of 
service. He joined John Deere 
immediately after graduation at the John 
Deere Spreader Works in East Moline, IL. 
Wayne was on leave from the Spreader 
Works from 1961 to 1963 to get his M.S. 
degree in Agricultural Engineering from 
Purdue University. In 1969 he moved to 
Dubuque, Iowa, and began designing road 
machinery in the Product Engineering 
Department. Wayne's position at 
retirement was Lead Engineer of the 
Scraper design group. 

His retirement plans include plenty 
of golf, relaxation, travel and 
returning to the U of I campus where his 
son, Pete, will enter this fall on an 
athletic scholarship as an inter- 
collegiate swimmer. 

Orville C. Teak* (B.S. '61) is a 
corrosion engineer with Aramco Technical 
Services in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. He 
was recently featured in a recent issue 
of the Arabian Sun analyzing solar array 
output on an offshore oil platform in 
the Baerri Field. In a program to 
examine the technical and economic 
feasibility of solar-powered cathodic 
protection systems for offshore well 
casings, Aramco was probably first in 
the oil industry by installing 20 solar- 
powered generating panels in offshore 
well platforms in the Berri Field last 
year . 

Gary L. Stahl (B.S. '62, M.S. '63) 
has changed employment. He is presently 
working as Developmental Engineer with 
Gates Rubber Company at Rockford, 


Alumni News (cont) 

Grain Quality Receives Attention 

Roland Strohean (B.S. '62, M.S. 
'65) is on the staff at California 
Polytechnic State University at San Luis 
Obispo and was in charge of registration 
at the ASAE Summer meeting. He has been 
at Cal Poly since 1967 and is Professor 
in charge of computer operations in the 
Department of Agricultural Engineering. 
Roland and his wife have two children, a 
daughter, 11 and a son, 8. 

Kurt D. Meibergall (B.S. '80) has 
taken a new job. He is now Project 
Manager, Federal Sites Management Unit, 
Remedial Project Management Section, 
Division of Land Pollution Control, 
Illinois Environmental Protection 
Agency, at Springfield, Illinois. 

Karen P. Jordan (B.S. '84) and Hark 
R. Tingling (B.S. '84) were married on 
April 5, 1986, at St. Mary's Catholic 
Church in Farmerville, IL. Mark is 
Compliance Engineer for Black Beauty 
Coal Company, Mt. Sterling, IL. Karen 
is Soil Conservationist, SCS, Mt. 
Sterling, IL. Karen was an Agricultural 
Engineer, SCS, at Bourbonnais, IL before 
the wedding. They are at home about a 
mile south of Mt. Sterling. Everyone is 

Jeff Springer (B.S., Agr. Mech. 
'84) has moved to Oakland, IL, as 
Assistant Elevator Manager of Taber 
Grain which is owned by Archer Daniels 
Midland. He has been with ADM since 
graduation and is pleased with his work 
although this is his third location over 
a fairly short period of time. 

In March of 1986, Marvin Paulsen, 
Gene Shove, and Larry Pruitt were part 
of a team of researchers that measured 
quality of corn on a second shipment of 
corn from New Orleans to the port of 
Kashima, Japan. Corn was probe sampled 
and temperature and humidity sensors 
were installed in two holds. Starting 
level of BCFM (broken corn and foreign 
material) was about 1.9%. Shove and 
Paulsen and others on the team met the 
corn in Japan and found 7.8* BCFM. 
Temperature monitoring identified 
several hot spots, mold, and increased 
moisture in the hot spots. However, 
overall increases in tempertures were 
minimal, because of the relatively cold 
grain at 14 C that was initially loaded 
on the ship in March. These findings 
contrast with a previous shipment loaded 
in May 1985 with corn at 22 C, that did 
have significant increases in 
temperature to 47 C at locations 1 m 
below the grain surface. Both shipments 
were loaded with corn at 15.0% moisture. 
A video taping crew joined the team to 
make a film of the shipping of grain 
including the equipment used, the route 
it takes, the end use in Japan, and the 
products produced from the grain. The 
project was funded by the Illinois Corn 
Marketing Board and has provided much 
useful information in the recent 
discussions on grain quality. 

Both, Shove and Paulsen testified 
before the U.S. House of Representatives 
Committee on Agriculture at the field 
hearing held on July 21, 1986. Their 
testimony was addressed at improving 
grain quality by improved drying methods 
and measurement of corn breakage 
susceptibility, hardness, and chemical 
property values which affect the ability 
of the grain to be converted to value- 
added products. 

Unloading U.S. corn from ocean vessel at Zen-noh grain 
facility, Kashima, Japan. 

Marvin Paulsen (left) and Lowell Hill (Agr. Econ.) with grain 
sampling crew (Larry Pruiett, far left) on ship in Japan. 

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The Agricultural Engineering staff and alumni are interested in where you are and 
what you are doing. If the address on this newsletter is incorrect, please let 
us know. This copy of the newsletter is being mailed with the Agrineer. If you 
are an agricultural engineering graduate of this Deaprtment, look under the 
Alumni listing in the back of the yearbook. If your listing is incorrect, send 
us a correction. If you know of others that are listed wrong, let us know this 

Fill out the form above and send it along with any other news to: Newsletter, 
Agricultural Engineering Dept., 1304 U. Pennsylvania Ave., Urbana, IL 61801. 

This is the last edition of the 1985-86 series of the University of Illinois 
Agricultural Engineering Newsletter. The 1986-87 schoolyear begins the last week 
of August. We plan our next newsletter this Fall. 

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